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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  February 14, 2016 10:00pm-10:37pm EST

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what two men duo did to woman and her sick mother will make you want to do whatever you can to get the guys off the street a messy monday off ahead. snow sleet and a lot of rain in the forecast. . right now a bitter blast has gripped our area, many of us did not get out of the teens today. but it's not just cold. we have to worry about, live
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radar shows a storm heading our way, bringing snow, sleet and rain. live look wilmington, could be one of the first areas to see flakes. i'm lucy noel >> i'm iain page. that storm will hang around. we got life crutch. joanne pileggi to understand people trying to stay warm. let's start with kathy. >> we're looking at the clouds rolling in ahead of the snow expected to move in baltimore and washington during early morning and those from the southwest toward the northeast over the course of the morning and into the early part of the day on monday. well, yes, one of the first places to see the snow at least by late morning. one to three inches of snow expected in this area. it is a winter weather advisory area from philadelphia. new castle county along that i95 corridor to the north and's west. the farther north and west you go, the higher the snow accumulation of the wet weather advisory begins tomorrow at 6:00 and doesn't end until early tuesday. going to watch the cold air
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sitting in place the moisture moving up from the south and west. and snow spreading right into places like delaware county, chester county, by the noon hour into philadelphia, by 6:00, seeing that pink, that's a mix of sleet, maybe a little frozeing rain and warm air surging northward and we see a transition to rain across the region from south to north over the course of the evening, there are concerns icing to the north and west of the cityful as far as snow accumulations at the shore, not expecting much. less than an inch. i95 corridor about an inch or so, closer to two as you get to the northern and western suburb, two to three in northern western suburbs and into the lehigh valley. that the just the first part of this. you see the rain. you see the snow. then you see the transition with snow and ice to the north and west. then heavy rain and concerns for flooding as we go into tuesday. we'll talk more about that
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coming up a little later in the broadcast with new information, for now send it back. >> you can make sure you got the newest information about the storm and any problems out there on the roads to remember morning with the fox 29 weather and traffic authorities. sue serio and bob kelly got you covered. old city coldest valentine's day in long while. hopefully you have a valentine keeping you warm. the weather is putting a built of a damper on love day. some romantics are refusing to to let mother nature cold heart get in the way. joanne is live at the ice rink, some folks are saying they had to get outside regardless of the cold. >> reporter: that's right, lucy, iain for some strange reason on this wickedly cold winter night, this has been a popular place to be all day. maybe it's the hand holding, the philadelphia activity of skating. keeping people warmer but most of the people we talked to today
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say they are longing for milder temperatures. >> this summer we complain it's too too hot. in the winter we complain it's too cold. so it goes. >> reporter: if love is in the air this frost at his sample day, there is likely a little subject getting in the way. >> i'm waiting for tuesday when it's warmer. >> reporter: when they headed out, there was more to think about than wine and chocolates. >> we head to toe covered layers being as warm as possible. they've got their jackets, as you can see. >> reporter: not alone but part of the legion of folks trying to cope with this arctic blast. >> it's hard for me to eat. got to find something to eat. that's what brings me out right now >> you have a ski mask on, sir >> i do. just protecting me from the very cold wind. it's the hard art of walking around in the cold. getting cold in the face. >> reporter: the frigid air aside, if you can stop hundreds of people from taking their
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holiday outside to the blue cross river rink. it's been busy all day. >> i was thinking the cold weather was going to keep people at home. i was wrong, default hard skaters are here >> we were lyinging around watching cop shows, saying you know what? we'd rather be on the ice, came out, never missed a season. frozen like the ice today. coming out 15 degrees. we were ready though. >> reporter: you wear that you have layers you're warm enough. >> reporter: warm enough. definitely a lot of people making use of tire pits down below. looks like it's clearing out a little bit. seems like almost everyone on that ice is holding hand and got to tell you. was i was working this valentine's day, this was really a stranger gave me this red rose. >> that's so sweet. is it frozen? all right. that's nice. love it. joanne. so let's go on over to reading right now. the wet weather in the palm of
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your hand with the fox 29 weather ap. you can find our ap in the apple and google play stores. a pennsylvania highway back home after a massive pileup yesterday that killed three people. state police reopened iparticipate in lebanon county around 7:00 this morning. more than 40 people were taken to the hospital after the crash involving at least 50 vehicles. police say that a passing snow squall created without conditions around 9:45 saturday morning, and that played a role in the crash. two of those killed were from outside the area. the third 54-year-old woman from bridge water new jersey. developing tonight in allentown, authorities are trying to id a woman found this afternoon. stuffed in a recycling capability in parking lot. homicide investigators say she was an asian woman 18 to 30 years old. about five feet tall. with short black hair. 119 pounds. if you can help, call the lehigh county coroner or allentown police. tonight are looking for two
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home invadeers who pretended to be anxiety workers. once inside roughed up a woman and her mother. brad sattin at 17 and district. brad, you spoke with one about fighting off these guys. >> reporter: we did, what a rough wake-up call for these two women. it happened around 8:30, two men bargeing no the woman's home. this woman has been through a lot in recent months and was certainly no push-over >> should be knocked on the door. i didn't know who it was. >> reporter: susan and their mothers weren't weren't prepared. two minute claiming to be with the water company. >> i was talking with them through the cracks and he push himself in and then hit the door hit me. my nose was bleeding. and then he said this was a robbery. and i was screaming.
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>>reporter: susan still with blood stains had on her jacket tell us she never seen the men before and both had guns. but she put up a fight worrying about her mother >> i was trying to protect my mom, she's dying. >>reporter: her mom is bam battli battling cancer. >> i said beyond why you're doing this. >> reporter: one man-man ran upstairs no a bedroom. >> they pulled all my drawers out. all the clothes were here. it was all filled with clothes. i'm not sure if they took anything but what are they going to take. >> reporter: meanwhile she and her mom struggled with the other one below. >> i tried to fight him. >> reporter: finding nothing the men left, no the before one of them struck susan in the head requiring three stitches, her brother helping her home if the hospital is not surprised at her braver ri >> she has martial arts background. she knows how to defend herself.
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>> reporter: both over overwhelm with caring for their ail mother. >> take it day by day. >> reporter: police obviously investigating at last check a short time ago to arrests in the case, not much of a description to go on two black men late 20, early 30's. one of them with a beard but really that's all they have the ego on at this point. clearly, the goal here is get these men off at streets. lucy. as soon as possible, brad assistant thanking so much a bar fight put one woman in the hospital in critical condition. it happened in the holmesberg neighborhood before 2:00 this morning. police say the victim was dancing at a bar on the 7300 block of frankford avenue. when a woman hit her with a beer bottle cutting her face and neck, police have yet to make an arrest flags around the country at half staff tonight at the nation recollections antonin scalia. died on a you didn't hading trip
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in west texas >> the battle lines are drawn whether president obama she don't nominate a success sir >> a judge in texas confirms there is in sign of foul play in the death of u.s. supreme court justice antonin scalia. it appears that he died of natural causes unexpecteded in his asleep. but a political rumble is already on over what should happen to scalia's vacant seat on the nation's highest court and when. as our country tries to rook his decades of service and his passing. >> flags at half staff sunday northern of supreme court justice antonin scalia from the supreme court chamberss to the texas ranch where he died. he left text for virginia >> i. confident that law students will be reading his opinions a century from for you >> colleagues are offering
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praise for scalia, who they ainfectionly call nino. she and her conservative colleague were quote, best buddies for more than 30 years. meantime justice scalia's passinging leaves the supreme court now split evenly between little bit relays and conservatives. and that is fuel a political fight. president obama saying he will definitely nominate a justice to fill vectis. republicans say a new appointment should wait for new president. >> we're in the middle of a presidential campaign and somebody going to win that and the earn put who wins that is going to are the right to place justice scalia, whether a democrat or republican. >> it is outrageous that republicans in the senate and on the campaign trail have already pledged to block any replacement that president obama
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president obama will not introduce this week, police going to wait until the senate comes back from recess missing batteries are being blamed on a run away military brim's that reeked havoc last year. spun failed to put batterys in it's deflation device inside the blimp that would have stopped it. the blimp got loose from military facility in maryland last october and dangling causeded power outages in pennsylvania. it was shot shot down by police hours after it's journey began. military officials are not saying whose responsible two guys walk into a supermarket. why all of that winter gear is big clue a teacher tries to help a student through tough times, why a cup of hot chocolate putting
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her job alt line. dozens re dancers on stage. did if the realized what was happening. under their feet they couldn't see. this purse snatcher picks the wrong target. watchs had this victim takes him down, who's watching feet away?
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take a look at these two right now, wearing heavy winter hats, shouldn't look weird. the problem is, this is phoenix. the temperature was about 70 degrees. these two men walked into this market one pull a gun. they demanded cash from the reply. then ran off. investigators hope someone will
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remember seeing them in these hats and all that gear to help track them down. officer killed in the line of duty is being remembered by his loved ones. the atlanta area officer has ties to south jersey previously serving 17 years as a volunteer firefighter in lawnside >> major greg barney's family laid him to rest. those who knew the officer remember him as committed to encouraging and protecting others and say he used every skill he had to try to save lives. >> i had never seen major barney disrespect anyone regardless of what chair charged with. he treated everyone with respect. he explained to them why what they did was wrong. and why they shouldn't do it again and they just had a great amount of respect for him. >> investigators say man-man the subject of a warrant shot major barney. they say that man-man is jar rod ross. another officer shot him. ross is still in the hospital
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facing murder charge. thick smoke pouring out of his home. fire started on the 3,000 block. crews had it under control in about half hour. no reports of injuries or any idea what may have started it a street in philadelphia frankford neighborhood encased in ice. check it out. several buildings and cars just rock solid after a massive fire tour through six buildings yesterday. the streets still blocked off today as crews still poured water on the building. more than one firefighters battled the flames and frigid temperatures for hours. investigator says the fire started in an auto body shop. wind of 30 miles an hour fanned the flames. took about five hours to contain days after pulling into the port of north jersey, this cruise ship damaged a the sea is now back on it ocean. we were there when hundreds of passengers walked off the an then of the seas last week >> a new set of passengers board same ship this weekend hoping
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for a smoother ride. it was heading to the bahamas. encountered that nasty storm. hurricane strength and wind gusts at 75 miles an hour and waves around 30 feet high. people boarding this weekend weren't worried. >> lightening doesn't strike twice. went through last week, it can get through anything. >> the storm last woke to damage the ship's pro pulls system. it was fixed al with full coast guard inspection before the and them of the seas set sail again. it's national donor day and recipients cross the country are pausinging to remember the person or people he don't made the second chance at life possible. in philadelphia today, fox 29 jennifer joyce caught up with a group of people who aren't just living, they're thriving. >> reporter: she's breaks message on a national steven compoteing around the world. meet janet, a retired dhs social
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worker from the nicetown seconds and the top raining,s athlete in donate life u.s. and would recall transport games. >> reporter: achievements that he never should have imagined ten years ago. >> that was real. not being able to breath, walk and breathe. it was just crazy. >> reporter: she was diagnosed with heart failure at the age of 49. one year later, underwent a heart transport, a setback that inspired dennis live life to the fullest >> i decided i was not going to sit so the sidelines and be the spectator. >> reporter: it's national donor day. i have a liver, pancreas and my ten intense >> four organs for from one donor and seven years later is going strong. gefilte of life and franklin institute are teaming up to share these stories and encourage people to donate >> people are dying every single day waiting for valuable organs.
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>> reporter: an organ donor saved her lifeings she was diagnosed with heart failure in college. now she's a doctor. running 10 ks and eager to give back >> i work as a pediatrician. i have a chance to specialize with children and families >> he spent his birthday spreading word about organ donation. >> please be aware of the need for organ donor >> he was gift add new heart at just seven months old >> i'm very proud of him. this is one of the first times he got up like this. >> reporter: if you're feeling inspired by their stories, i don't blame you. how can you become a donor? just a click of the mouse, head to our website, fox, we're going to post all of that information there. reporting from franklin institute, jennifer joyce fox 29 news. 122,000 people right now in the united states are waiting for a donor. that the important stuff.
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in jersey, some young bullet teas got a special opportunity to get all dollared up. getting their first taste of professional hair's minimum. the theme was beauty and the beast. the broadway play is me down. some girls got braids if the hair like bell. the salon said it's about making the girls feel like a princess >> nonof my team members are momly. they're going to have a fun day for little girls to come in. feel like a princess, the perfect timing having beauty and the beast in town >> the money from the event will benefit the chop center and virtua in voorhees. sucker punch knock-out. what the guy said to him seconds before flinging. sports illustrated, what you'll see only year's cover.
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64-year-old man-man with a cane targeted and sucker punched at a liquor store in michigan. one of the guys holds's and sucker punches the guy. another one pretends to go after him again. the victim is ok tonight. this happened in detroit earlier. the guy said give me money before punching him in the face, tonight a person of interest is in custody. a routine performance just a terrifying turn. dancers' lives were in danger. they did not realize it. take a look. you can see the performers on stage in india. watch the bottom right of your screen. those are flames.
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a real fire growing right under the dancers. they won't even seem to know it even with smoke billowing up in front of them. finally people rusheded forward telling them to get off the stage. look at those flames, my goodness, 20,000 people had to get out of that building at a and yet, no one is hurt. in new york, a teacher says reaching out to a student got her kicked out on the classroom. >> the teacher is trying to get back her job. janice graph an art teacher in long island said she had permission from her student's father to take the girl off campus. the girl was going through a tough to him and she was just trying to provide comfort. but taking a student off sight during school hours is against school policy. graph is now on administrative duty while all this tries to get worked outlet with the school board. the teacher stands behind what she did. >> she needed somebody to talk to. she was very disstraight. i felt she was in crisis. i want to be back in the classroom. both the students she helped and the girl's parents
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support the teacher. meanwhile the school board is considering what step to take next with the teacher and in a statement said the board acts in the best interest of both students and staff. a 911 dispatcher is home caught fire with her family inside. the call from her dad she will never forget purse snatcher picks the wrong target. watch as victim takes her down we're watching the snow on ultimate doppler and tracking the time this will be moving in the delaware valley. first we have snow, then we have sleet. then potential for flooding rain. details coming up when we come back.
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we are in the icy grip of sp bitterly cold temperatures, of course, i don't need to tell you that. looking live in allentown, much of our area did not get out of the teens, let's go to south philly. on top of the cold, that is is live, we have snow sleet and
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rain on the way. basically iain page this is a triple weather threat starting tomorrow morning >> it will stick around philadelphia international airport let's get you over to kathy orr who's tracking >> we're looking at cold enough for snow area everywhere. it's the timing we're looking at. temperatures are only in the teens in the poconos. it's below zero again. temperature-wise, 17 in the sfee city. windchill is ten, not much of a wind, we really don't have to be concerned with that for this particular snow event. we're trackinging the snow moving from west to east an area of low pressure is going to definitely along the tennessee valley and put push everything toward the north and the east but the good news is this will be changing over to rain, but there will be icing in there as well. in philadelphia, 17, three below in the poconos, 16 in wilmington and 18 put dover. the wind which can isn't much but pretty cold. feels like three in allentown. feels like nine in writestown, nine in dover. and feels like four degrees
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below zero in the poconos. as we to him the snow, you can see overnight, no weather issues, but by about 7:00 tomorrow morning, we'll see patches of snow trying to work their way from the southwest and push towards philadelphia. and the northeast. by noon, we'll be seeing a widespread snowfall little patchy as you head toward lehigh valley but temperatures will be around freezing in philadelphia. it starts out as a light dust at his snow and by the time we hit about 1:00 in the afternoon, it's a wet sloppy snow and you can see to the south and east, 36 degrees in wildwood. it's not going to stay snow that long through south jersey. by 5:00 p.m. it's all rain, at least moderate in south jersey and delaware. so any snow that fell earlier, we'll just washington away. you can see that transition line of sleet, that pink, very small, and then you can see the snow to the north. 5:00, philadelphia still in that transition mode but after 5:00, it's all rain, to pottstown as
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you hd head toward the lehigh valley tomorrow evening bark 11:00, 12, we've we're looking at rain everywhere and then ending, tuesday morning, dry but look at these temperature, 50 in philadelphia, tuesday morning and why the afternoon, heavy rain potential for flooding and this computer model wants to push the temperature to 60 degrees by tuesday afternoon. and then it moves out. we do have a triple threat. we have snow. then we have a transition of some sleet or maybe a little freezing rain and then heavy rain on tuesday. snow amounts minimal through south jersey and delaware. less than an itch in, one to two inches possible, i95 to the north and west with about an inch or so in philadelphia. two to three inches as you head toward the lehigh valley. potential for icing will be here as well and we see the rain tomorrow knelt. ice, possibly 10th of an inch in pottstown, poconos and lass we'll continue to update that. heavy rain one to inches of rain possible on tuesday. and once again, we could see
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extreme flooding possibility of even or a drainage flooding with the snow melt. in the city 14 overnight. nine in the suburb, tomorrow 37 snow to rain by evening. we got light accumulation on your seven-day forecast. things are looking up. 56 blolt on tuesday. 40s for wednesday. near 40 thursday and and look at the weekend. looking good. in the 50's. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> i'm ready. >> take us through. >> thank you,ing capability. bedrooms burned, bathroom destroyed, home unlivable. a grandfather and he don't grand daughters barely escaped. girl's mom a 911 dispatcher, she's thankful shunted take call to send the crews to her own home. now she's got a fight of her own. >> we get calls for family trouble, domestic violence, fires, of course, auto accidents. >> pugh is a 911 operated. her job is to get others help.
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these days she could use some herself, thankfully she did not handle the one about the fire at her home on it last week >> my dad called me on my phone on a break to tell me that the house was on fire and him and my daughters were headed to st. john's to get treatment for smoke inhalation. >> reporter: they were inside her childhood home when the fire broke out around 2:00 in the morning, happened to fall asleep on the first floor away from the flames but could not get away from the heavy smoke >> the second floor is pretty badlyly damaged. especially in the bedroom. the remaining rooms have a lot of smoke damage. the bathroom walls have like completely completely melted. >> of her loved ones are out of the hop but the home she grew up in is unlivable.
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she created a gofundme page to help them. it is truly a reality check for this first sponsored. >> i'm just glad everybody is alive. you can replace materials but you can't replace people. her parents and two daughters are staying with other family until they can figure out if their home can be saved. a purse snatcher in las vegas picked the wrong target. you can see how he grabbed a woman's purse, she fought back tackling him, wrestling him to the floor. there's a stroller with a baby in the background. another customer stepped in to help. the woman the purse snapper tarred got her purse back. the guy took off sports illustrated swimsuit edition gets the country's attention >> this year it was making history for the first time in 52 years. the magazine will have three covers with three models. ufc rhonda rous y.
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they graced their own cover of the magazine. overwhelmingly positive >> that will do it for us on the fox 29 news at 10:00. copy it right here for sports sunda sunday. tonight on sports sunday. flyers need to start winning and do so against some of the better teams. they had another tough one tonight against the rangers and the phillies begin spring training: that's all coming up on sports sunday.


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